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Brush Handle

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Wooden Paintbrush Handles

With innovative finishes and designs, JDW always guarantees the highest quality and cost-effectiveness and is the global leader in the production of professional paint brush wooden handles.

Why JDW Wooden Brush Handles Is Your Wise Choice?

Why JDW Wooden Brush Handles Is Your Wise Choice?

Top-notch Quality

Well-developed brush handle-making skills & strict quality control bring you top-quality brushe handles.

Flexible Customization

Our complete supply chain & in-house production allow us to meet even the smallest custom need.

Private Label Solution

Custom log printing & packaging are available for brush handles of all types & functions.

Competitive Price

Dealing directly with a manufacturer means no middle cost & more competitive prices.

Increased Speed-to-market

Our rapid sampling & mass production capability allow you to bring new products to the market more quickly.

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